How to Change Directory in Linux Command Line

cd means "change directory". cd command is used to change directory.
Syntax: cd directory_name
Ex. cd Videos
We can see that the current location using pwd command. We knows how to check current working director To check current working directory go with following command.
Output: /home/student/Videos

How to move to previous Directory

The command cd - changes directory to the directory where the use was previous to the current directory.
Ex. cd -

How to Move One step back to Parent Directory

The cd .. command uses the .. hidden directory to move up one level to the parent directory, without knowing the exact parent name.

How to move to the current user's home Directory

Use cd command to return to user's home directory.

How to move up to two level of current location

Use following command to to move up to two level back from the current location.
Ex. cd ../..

To check current working directory use pwd command.

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