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How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error in Linux

What is 500 Internal Server Error

The 500 Internal Server Error is a HTTP status code. Indicates that something has gone wrong on the website's server, but the server could not be more specific on what the exact problem is and where is the problem.

Cause of HTTP 500 Errors

As I mentioned above, Internal Server Errors message indicates that there is something wrong. The word "wrong" means the issue with page or page coding.

How to fix 500 Internal Server Error Message

500 Internal Server Error is a "Server Side Error" means the error is not with your internet connection but it is error with website's server. Go with following solution which should resolve your issue.
  1. Login to cPanel like as https://yourdomainname:2083
  2. Go to File Manager.
  3. Go to public_html directory.
  4. Under public_html directory there index.php may be present. Rename index.php file with any other name like as indexold.php.
  5. Create new one file with name index.html and insert some content in index.html file.
  6. Save index.html file.
Now access your domain in browser like as yourdomainname/index.html. It should be work for you.
You think that reason of this issue, reason of this issue is that there may be some miss-configuration in index.php file. Therefore we have to rename that index.php file.

Resolve 500 Internal Server Error Problems on your own site

1. A Coding Error in .htaccess

Please make sure that your .htaccess file is properly structured.

2. A File Permission Error

500 Internal Server Error may be incorrect permission of one of more files and directory(folder). We have seen how to set permission on file and folder.

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