List of Important Port Numbers in Linux

What is A port?

A port is a piece software which is used as  docking point in your machine, where remote application can communicate. In simple word, port is a communication point.

What is Range of Port Or How many ports are there?

The range of port number is from 0 to 65535, so we can get total 65536 ports.

Why Port Number Range are 65536?

This is because limitation in TCP/IP stack where the port number field is just 16 bit size. So we get only 2^16(2 to the power of 16) ports which are equal to 65536 available ports.

What is mean by Default Port Number?

A port number is designated for a particular service called a default port number. Ex. port 80 for http, 20 for FTP etc.

Can we change Default Port Number?

Yes. We can change. We can change default port number by changing port number in configuration file of particular service.. For Ex. we can change default port 80 for http service in httpd.conf configuration file.

List of Mostly Used Port Numbers?

20 - FTP Data (For transferring FTP data )
21 - FTP Control (For starting FTP data) 
22 - SSH
23 - telnet
25 - SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
53 - DNS
80 - HTTP/Apache
88 - Kerberos
123 - NTP
139 - SMB (Samba)
143 - IMAP
389 - LDAP
443 - HTTPS (For Secure HTTP Connection)
2049 - NFS (Network File System)
2082 - cPanel (No Secure Connection)
2083 - cPanel (For Secure Connection)
2086 - WHM (No Secure Connection)
2087 - WHM (For Secure Connection)
2095 - Webmail (No Secure Connection)
2096 - Webmail (For Secure Connection)
8880 - Plesk Control Panel (No Secure Connection)
8443 - Plesk Control Panel (For Secure Connection)

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